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A man and his terrible passion   A new priest at his first mass

Better than a dot com   Bill Gates reportedly compareds   chinese povberbs

Dave berry on coffee   Dilbert's words fo wisdom   the golfing frog

Dr seuss explains computers   Guaranteed to offend  Happy thoughs

Here's one for research scientists and applied epistemologists

Health concern   Heres some duhhhhh's   How to speak P C   Ohh Shit

Interfaith retreat   Kids on marrage   Mr Bear and Mr Rabbit   sheep

Primate thinking experiment      Restroom signs

Southern comments   Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies

The Battle   The difference between Men and Woman  Try these

Things you would never know with out the movies  Two year degree

The top ten reasons God created Eve   Two married buddies

Warranty registration   Who really wears the pants   Whos dumber

Why men are (justifiably) proud of themselves

Why wedding dresses are white

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My Videos

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 A short one     A short one too    A short one Again
A short one TNG   A short one back again
A short one Realy
more to come

 I might mention that these videos are done live And in one take...
(they're long so I didn't want to tell them over & over again just to get them right)
You will also find the last one at a page called ( pirate jack )...
which you will find at,
Radio Free Jack